Handheld Computer/Data Collector Software

Den-Con "Data-TrackerCE 4.1"

Data-TrackerCE 4.1 is Den-Con Electronics flagship software for Windows Mobile devices used in conjunction with RFID technology. Data-TrackerCE 4.1 is not a "Canned" version of database software. It is designed specifically for integrated CF card RFID readers and allows its users to program up to 50 data input fields to match existing databases used by their company. Data-TrackerCE 4.1 offers...

  • 50 User Configuration Fields
  • 32 Data Capture Sessions
  • Session Launch Screen
  • Customizable Entry Form Skins
  • Ability to Filter Drop Down Lists
  • Auto Number Fields
  • Min/Max Value Validation
  • Custom Validation Warning Sounds
  • Date/Time Popup and Custom Date/Time Formatting
  • Multi-Field Lookups
  • Source Table Updates
  • Calculated Lookups
  • Item Searches by any Field in the Database
  • Integral RFID Reader Enabled
  • Field Validation for Reduced Data Entry Errors
  • Multi-Level Password Protection
  • Bi-Directional Data Syncing with PC's

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