ODBC Link for Data-TrackerCE 4.1

ODBC Link enables Data-TrackerCE 4.1 users to seamlessly link their Data-TrackerCE data with most ODBC compliant applications including Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle. As is standard with Data-TrackerCE software, you do not have to be a programmer to use ODBC Link for Data-TrackerCE 4.1.

Why Use ODBC Link for Data-TrackerCE 4.1?

  • Minimize Database Integration Time and Expense
  • Eliminate Import and Export Processes
  • Offers Smart Data Transfer Options (User Defined)
  • Eases Mobile System Deployment

ODBC Link Features

  • Seamless syncing of Data-TrackerCE data with you ODBC compiant database saves time and reduces integration expense.
  • Data Collector sessions can individally sync to customizable ODBC data sources and tables, each with customizable field mappings.
  • Pre-configure link to Data-TrackerCE Access Database eliminates setup for Access users.
  • Includes all the existing text HotSync functionality of Data-TrackerCE

View ODBC Link Screen Shots

Data-TrackerCE 4.1 and ODBC Link Software Manuals available on Request

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Tubular Installation Sample
Field RFID Installation