The Den-Con Electronics RFID tags consist of an encoded microchip circuit and antenna, which is packaged inside a housing comprised of various materials. The encapsulation materials are determined by the application for which the RFID tag is to be used. Sizes of RFID tags vary from approximately 12 mm (1/2 inch) to over 76 mm (3 inches) again, determined by the application. All Den-Con Electronics RFID tags operate on a frequency of 125 Khz.

The RFID tags may be passive (containing no power source) or active (containing an internal power source). The microchip housed inside the tag contains the "Code" that is the unique identification code for the individual RFID tag. RFID tags can also be "Read-Write" or "Read Only" in their design.

Den-Con Electronics has passive Read-only RFID tags that are completion fluid resistant and will withstand temperatures of 425 degrees fahrenheit indefinitely, with temperatures spikes up to 475 degrees fahrenheit. These "Harsh Environment" RFID tags have a pressure rating of 20,000 psi.

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