Handheld Computer Data Collection Devices

Generally, all mobile RFID tag scanning and data collection operations for the Den-Con "Print" System is done with a portable handheld computer. The handheld computer provides the power source for the RFID reader. The portable computer receives the output code from the RFID tag as it is scanned. Depending upon the software utilized within the handheld computer, a number of manual data entries can be made. These entries are the tasks or functions being performed by the user, such as taking inventory, equipment maintenance records, movement of materials, or repairs for equipment.

The hand held computers offered by Den-Con Electronics can handle the toughest field conditions. It meets MIL-STD-810F standards for drops, vibration, and temperature extremes and has an IP-67 dust and water immersion rating. The unit features height performance 400 Mhz Xscale processors, sunlight readable, back lighted color display, standard with 64 MB or RAM and 128 MB, upgradeable to 256 MB, of nonvolatile FLash storage to protect data from resets and power loss. The computer operating system is Windows Mobile 6.0 Premium Edition and comes standard with Microsoft Mobile versions of Word, Excel, Outlook Mobile, Internet Explorer Mobile and even PowerPoint.

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